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HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package
HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package
HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package
HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package
HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package
HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package
HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package

HIIT BOTTLE ™ Lifestyle Package

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Pre-order Lifestyle Package Includes:

  • 1 HIIT Bottle™ V3 - Available in Matte Black, White, Gold, or Silver.
  • 1 Mixer
  • 1 HIIT Steel Straw
  • 1 HIITumbler Lid
  • 1 HIIT Steel Infuser

Designed in CA, HIIT Bottle™ is the first multi-purpose bottle engineered to be a permanent solution for conventional, unreliable, plastic protein shakers. The bottle has multiple key events that make the bottle unique from its unique rounded bottom base to its locking mechanism that was inspired on a 1930's ford radiator cap. The HIIT Bottle™ is the result of our passion for innovation, fitness and urban lifestyle. Each bottle includes the newly designed mixer. Pre-order expected shipping day June 23rd.

THE HIITumbler package gives you the ability for you to adjust and convert your HIIT Bottle into a cool looking cup to enjoy and sip your favorite cold drink throughout the day, whether is at the office or on the go our durable lid and straw was made to handle your weekly social activities from Sunday Funday to a Taco Tuesday Margarita kind of day.Unlike other insulated cups with straws the lid it’s shatter resistant, dishwashers safe and BPA Free.

The HIIT INFUSER- if you're in the mood for tea or coffee the HIIT Infuser is the perfect innovative tool that will not only give you the ability to infuse your water but also get created with grinder coffee such as making the perfect bulletproof coffee for you to get you up and running.

 We are looking for creative ways to make a difference with our recycling program and we need your help! As a company, we care more about creating a product with purpose than becoming a transactional company without a purpose as the rest of all plastic shaker companies.

In the United States alone, 47 billion plastic bottles are discarded annually, and worldwide, enough plastic is thrown out in a single year to circle the globe four times. But a form of construction being used throughout Africa and Latin America is making a difference, not only by reducing plastic waste but also by taking advantage of the durability of plastic bottles to provide shelter for the homeless.

With your support and your old plastic shakers, we want to make sure we do something good with those bottles. Please stay tuned as we get ready to release our first #HIITGOAL a project to shake things up for a better future.