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August 2014

The HIIT Bottle Inception

My wife Hannah and I first started training back in 2010 at a local gym in Costa Mesa, CA. Since then, our passion for fitness and doing more for others has grown. The sport has really brought the best out of us by learning the importance of working as a team and helping one another. After searching for the ideal shaker bottle we knew that all our needs will not be able to be fulfilled with current inventory out in the market. Thus began the start of our quest to finding the perfect shaker bottle.

Christian and Hannah Valencia

November 2015


With our first sketch and funding we were ready to create the first prototype. After multiple interviews with industrial designer firms we found the right partnership with a local firm in Orange County-CA., ANDesign.

HIIT Bottle R&D

January 2015


Several 3D models and prototypes were put to the test in order to create a bottle that will solve many common problems associated with your average, plastic protein shaker. The result was the HIIT Bottle, the only stainless steel, double insulated, multi purpose protein shaker on the market. Branding was also coming to life little by little, letter by letter with the help of our good friends at Devise Interactive.

HIIT Bottle Prototype

March 2015

Conceptual Design

HIIT Bottle launched its forty five day Kickstarter campaign. The HIIT team is very grateful to each of its 2,784 backers who pledged $124,998 that has allowed this revolutionary protein shaker to come to life. We have received great feedback from our backers that we will use to continuously improve the quality of the HIIT Bottle while also expanding our family of products.

HIIT Bottle Kickstarter Success

May 2015

Kickstarter Campaign Success!

Thanks to our successful Kickstarter, we started tooling and got our hands on the first samples.

The First HIIT Bottle Sample

June 2015

Tooling and Manufacturing

Since day one we wanted to create a product with a purpose and be more than a transactional bottle in the market. We believe that there's more than just being active and staying fit. Back in 2013 we were introduce to adaptive athlete movements by Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance at a local crossfit competition. Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance is an interactive, collaborative, searchable network and community that provides tips and best practices to adaptive athletes and their coaches. Their mission is to facilitate the integration of permanently injured athletes into both the sporting community and the local community at large through sport and competitive efforts. Their enthusiastic desire is to work as an advocate for adaptive athlete inclusion in sports and fitness worldwide. As a company we created a foundation around creating products with a purpose to give back to our communities. Creating awareness for a cause we believe was very crucial during our product and packaging development as we wanted a piece of our commitment with Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance. the journey was not easy but after working night and day with our creative team and Crossroads Athlete's we found the perfect solution to combine our creativity with a piece that speaks for the mission of Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance. As of this moment our product is being distributed to 23 different countries, every bottle features a different adaptive athlete with your support a portion of our profits will be distributed to Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance.

HIIT Bottle Adaptive Athletes