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HIIT Bottle Blog


By: Christian Valencia

Here at hiit bottle, we are absolutely nuts about peanut butter. In a sandwich, in a shake, or just straight out of the jar with a spoon (or is this just me?)

♥ Peanut butter is not just SUPER YUMMY but also a staple part of any lifters diet.  It is super filling because of its fibre and protein content, meaning you will feel full for longer so you may find you eat less overall. Great for those trying reduce the amount they eat!

♥It's the 'good kind of fat'
A good quality peanut butter will have a large serving of monounsaturated fat in which is the healthy fat that we need to survive and fuel our lifestyles as oppose to the saturated fat you find in your chips and Big Macs. Make sure you buy a good quality peanut butter tho as oppose to the unhealthy stuff you find on the shelves in Ralph's or target.

My go to peanut butter is Meridian peanut butter.

I love this peanut butter because it is natural, organic and the ingredients in it are- well peanuts!  100% roasted peanuts.

Photo credit to: Omar Vercetti, check out his great recipes here!
Photo credit to: Omar Vercetti, check out his great recipes here!

♥ You want to avoid peanut butter with anything besides peanuts in.  Some stuff many companies love to add to peanut better are inclusive but not limited to: Sugar, hydrogenated vegetable oils, cottonseed, soybean, rapeseed, salt…oh and peanuts.

♥ This in itself says enough!  Avoid vegetable oil as a general life rule and keep sugar low too.  This peanut butter is the kind you should be avoiding.  Also do not always be tricked by 'low fat' labels. Low fat products are often full of other rubbish and high in sugar. Fat is not the enemy people!
♥ Don't let the high calorie figure put you off! It's packed full of goodness just remember moderation is key.
♥ POTASIUM –potassium is excellent to have pre workout- but also just incredibly important in general.  It helps to counter balance the damages a high sodium diet may cause- and let’s be honest many of us (myself included) tend to consume way too much salt.
♥ It literally goes with anything.  I put peanut butter on bread, in cookies, on pancakes, on crackers, with oats, or just on the end of a spoon! I even cook with it as part of my chicken seasoning sometimes. Super diverse and yummy.

How do you like your peanut butter?