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Best Stainless Steel Bottle

By: Christian Valencia

Picking Out The Best Stainless Steel Bottle

When you live an active lifestyle, staying hydrated plays a large part in your life. For this reason, picking out the best stainless steel bottle that will help you achieve the things you want, rather than keeping you from doing them, is extremely important. For most people this means picking one that is made of stainless steel material as they hold up better in a variety of conditions, are easier to take care of, and are generally going to last much longer. However, picking out the best stainless steel bottle is something that eludes most people, keeping them from truly enjoy the variety of different bottles that they purchase.

Best Stainless Steel Bottle

First, you need to make sure that your bottle will be easy to clean and that it will never harbor bacteria or any other pathogens. This means looking for one that has been proven to do these things, but that is also going to be easy to wash each time you use it. For this reason, bottles that open wide enough to be washed like a normal cup, rather than needing a specialized brush, are going to be the best option.

Second, pick a bottle that can be used in a variety of different ways. Of course you want to use it for water, but you should also be able to use it for tea, shakes, smoothies, etc. If there are parts that will clog easily and be hard to clean, that bottle should likely not be purchased. You can also look for bottles that allow you to do things like brew tea, mix shakes, pour out a smoothie, and not have the drinking area get clogged, no matter how thick the drink actually is.

Third, the drink bottle needs to fit into conventional holders, ensuring that you aren't wasting money to buy extra accessories. This means it needs to fit in cup holders, cozies, and on bike racks as well. It should also have some form of hand strap, allowing you to hold onto it, even when you are hiking or doing something out in the wilderness.

Fourth, it should hold a large amount of water. If you need to keep stopping to refill your bottle, or if you are getting to the end of your workout and you didn't have enough water, you are putting yourself at risk. This is especially true if you are planning to use the bottle outside, in areas where you won't know if there will be access to clean water for several miles. Any bottle that does not hold at least 18 ounces of water isn't a bottle that is made for a person with an active lifestyle. Even bottles that look like they should hold this amount will sometimes sacrifice volume for looks, so check how much a bottle holds before you bring it home.

When you find the best stainless steel bottle that fits all of these requirements, you can be sure that it will last you for years, keep up with you, and always aid you in your fitness journey.

Best Stainless Steel Bottle