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Best Protein Shaker Bottle

By: Christian Valencia

The Best Protein Shaker Bottle for Your Busy Lifestyle

Maintaining your health is part of your active lifestyle, which is why you need to find the best protein shaker bottle to use at home and on the go. Before you purchase one, there are several features that you want to look for to ensure that you will be satisfied with your new shaker bottle for a long time.

Best Protein Shaker Bottle

First of all, you need to know that your beverages are going to be maintained at the temperature you want. Putting your protein shakes together before you leave for your workout makes it much easier to enjoy them, provided you have the right container. In addition to double-walled construction, vacuum sealing is a must to ensure leaks don't occur!

While you can get cheap bottles to use, you never know what chemicals you might be exposing yourself to. You deserve a product without BPA and guaranteed not to leach into your drinks. A food grade stainless steel construction will provide you with strength and security that imitations simply cannot provide.

Taking your drinks on the road means the potential for spills. However, you can virtually eliminate that possibility by finding one with a leakproof lid. This way, you don't have to worry if it falls over in your gym bag or drink holder. Speaking of drink holders, make sure that you choose one sized to fit these. The best protein shaker bottle will have a slim base shaped for the standard cup holders in modern vehicles.

As for the inside of your shaker bottle, look for a rounded inner base. If the edges are sharp, microscopic supplement particles can accumulate and feed odiferous bacteria. Likewise, you want to inspect the shaker mechanism to ensure that you will consistently have smooth protein shakes. For instance, a multidimensional stainless steel ball will provide a better blend than a flimsy plastic whisk.

Don't forget about size! Just as important as all of these factors is how much liquid your new shaker bottle can hold. While an inexpensive one might seem like a good bargain, if it only holds 12 ounces, you will soon find yourself frustrated with the deal. For most people 24 ounces provides the ideal bottle interior size.

You also want to check out what type of perks are available with the protein shaker bottles you are considering. For instance, a food grade stainless steel straw will allow you to sip on your beverage and thoroughly clean it when you are finished.

For those times when you don't want to take a protein shake with you but need a drink for the outing, an infuser attachment can make short work of the switch. Whether you want a caffeine boost with some coffee, any kind of tea or a fruit-infused water, this feature is a goodie that is hard to find!

While this might all sound too good to be true, there are protein shaker bottles that meet these amazing criteria available for you to buy today!

Best Protein Shaker Bottle