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HIIT Bottle Blog

Dave Newark [Athlete Of the Week]

By: Christian Valencia

Dave is a father, husband, and coach who excelled in sports early in life - playing soccer, basketball, golf, and eventually volleyball. As a dedicated athlete and congenital arm amputee, he began participating in adaptive athletics at 15.

In 1990, he was selected to play for the US Men's Paralympic standing volleyball team and subsequently competed in 3 Paralympic Games. He also played volleyball in college for Texas Tech men's team.

Dave has always been physically fit and maintained an interest in maximizing human performance within his own training, but hit a pretty big plateau in 2012. He stumbled upon a video of the Working Wounded Games, saw adaptive athletes doing amazing things, and had to be a part of it. The event changed his life and gave him a new purpose in life - connecting with, learning from, and helping other adaptive athletes. Dave loves using his experience and gifts of public speaking, teaching, and coaching to continue to help others.

In addition to being a Seminar Coach for Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance, he also serves as the strength and conditioning coach for the NubAbility organization (FB: NubAbility). Dave recently accepted a position with Advanced Arm Dynamics using his ingenuity to help other athletes with limb difference.

Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance is s 501c3 charity. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of permanently injured athletes into both the sporting community and the local community at large through sport and competitive efforts.

Our most enthusiastic desire is to work as an advocate for adaptive athlete inclusion in sports and fitness worldwide.

Source: Crossroads Alliance