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HIIT Bottle Blog

Angel Gonzalez [Athlete Of the Week]

By: Christian Valencia

Angel has been an athlete his whole life – participating in multiple sports from elementary school through college. After college, on a vacation in Hawaii, Angel acquired a virus while surfing that attacked his spine. Despite having to change how he participated in sports, Angel says the passion of competing never truly goes away. He began to seek out opportunities to compete and has played wheelchair basketball at the National level.

A successful VP in TX, as a friend came to Angel to invest in his new CrossFit box. Originally planning to be a silent partner, Angel started researching attending competitions. The community atmosphere even amongst the fiercest of competitors was inspiring. As he learned more, Angel decided he would not only invest in the gym, but wanted to coach and make his gym a place for adaptive athletes.

He continues to evolve as a coach and an athlete, learning more about how the body moves and finding new ways to build community and adapt CrossFit. Angel is a Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance Seminar Coach and his box, CrossFit Redefined (FB: r3edfined) was the first to request to host multiple seminars. He also started WOD 4 Wheels (#WOD4Wheels), a competition originally designed to provide a competitive opportunity for wheelchair athletes.

Crossroads Adaptive Athletic Alliance is s 501c3 charity. Our mission is to facilitate the integration of permanently injured athletes into both the sporting community and the local community at large through sport and competitive efforts.

Our most enthusiastic desire is to work as an advocate for adaptive athlete inclusion in sports and fitness worldwide.

Source: Crossroads Alliance